French & sliding patio doors from Osborn Glass


Our range french and patios door are perfect for entrances and exits to porches, patios and conservatoires, available in UPVc, timber and aluminium. Offering large opening spaces, light and great security. Whether you choose a sliding patio door or a floating , mullion french door, we can offer the best solution to suit your needs and property.


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Timber sliding patio & french doors


Our timber sliding patio doors & french doors are handcrafted, bespoke doors, great for bringing the outdoors, inside. Both offer maximum light ingress with slim sashes and available in a large range of hard wearing colours.


Timber sash options.


Our patio and french doors are available in a wide range of styles, colours and opening options. Frames can be manufactured using different grades of timber, including Accoya, Sapele, European oak and European redwood.


Ebernoe sash - Single glazing option.
Petworth sash - 16mm glazing option
Amberley sash - 20mm glazing option
Mayfield sash - 24mm glazing option


Timber sash colour options


Our timber patio & french doors are available in a wide array of colours, from the translucent collection and the opaque collection.


Chartwell green

Clean white


Laverham blue


Olive green









*please note, there are 24 wood stains available, please contact us for the full range*



Timber patio doors


Designed to bridge the gap between our french and bi-folding door solutions, our timber inline patio door is able to create openings with a minimal impact on internal or external space restrictions. The following specifications provide additional detail on the components and features present in this product.


An installation friendly, smooth operating rail system is utilised on our inline patio doors. This innovative system allows for a quiet and easy operation whilst providing a product that's easy to maintain.


Timber french doors


Based on our residential wooden door range and utilising the same innovative design features, our timber French doors are the ideal solution to open up the rear of any dwelling. French doors feature a design that is both cost effective and practical for providing an opening that combines home with gardens.




Utilising a three point dead-bolt lock complete with an anti-bump, anti-drill cylinder and cylinder guard, our locking system is proven to withstand the three main attack methods; bumping, drilling and snapping. The slave door is operated on finger bolts to the top and bottom.


Glass options for timber french & patio doors


Our timber french & patio doors are glazed with standard Clear or obscure Pilkington glass, depending on your requirements. There are many different types of decoration that can be applied. By applying lead, Georgian bar or even a stained glass design to the window you can add that personal touch. For the range of glass options please see our glass and glazing page